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Adoption Stages - Stage 1


During this stage, vision for church planting among an unreached people is proclaimed, taught, and nurtured among the fellowship by church leadership. The goal leadership is moving towards is for the church as a whole to own the overall mission. . . to have a God-given passion for it.

Members of the congregation can be the catalysts for the envisioning process to begin, but until senior leadership has embraced the vision and is leading the way, we are not yet dealing with the process of a church.

An important milestone is for the church as a whole to reach the place where it can fully embrace the idea of focusing its resources . . . giftings, energies, finances . . . to reach a particular people group.

Three Key Components to this Stage:

  • Prayer - The church enters a season of seeking God for His will in this matter. There must be a sense that "We have heard the Lord."

  • Mission Education - The church seeks to understand God's overall mission on earth, studying the Biblical material, the history of missions, and the progress of world evangelization to date. What is God's mission on earth? What has been completed? What is there specifically remaining to be completed?

  • Exploratory trips among unreached peoples - In this way, the church gains valuable first-hand information and enters a prime place from which to seek God's direction and confirmation in prayer.




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