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Adoption Stages - Stage 2


This stage involves the processing of information and experiences that have taken place during the Envisioning Stage, so that a decision can be reached about adopting a specific unreached people group. During the Envisioning Stage, a philosophy of focus has been embraced and direct exposure to unreached peoples has taken place. Now it is time to narrow down the possibilities and discern which particular people group God is calling the church to target.

Three Conditions in this Stage:

  • The senior leadership is committed to the mission - They must sense that this is part of God's call upon the church. It is not enough for them to just bless what others want to do.

  • A growing sense of ownership throughout the Body - This will be a fruit of the envisioning ministry of the church's leaders.

  • A counting of the cost - What is being considered here is an aggressive thrust into enemy territory in obedience to the mandate of Christ. There will be a significant price to pay, as passages like Hebrews 11 make clear. The stakes are high, and one cannot assume that there will be no losses from a human perspective. The church, led by its leaders, and in dependence upon the Lord, trusts Him for His grace, strength, protection and provision in whatever the mission requires.




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