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Adoption Stages - Stage 3


This stage involves the development of a strategy for reaching the adopted people group. The resources and giftings of the church must be considered, along with the unique opportunities and challenges of the people group. The possibility of partnerships with other churches and organizations come into play at this point. The goal is to develop the foundations for a plan that get the church moving in the right direction, knowing full well that there will be additions and deletions along the way. The primary question in this stage is, "How do we practically implement our decision to engage this particular people group?"

Four Questions to Consider in Pursuing this Stage:

  • What are the opportunities among our target people group? What are their real and felt needs? Medical . . . educational . . . business skills . . . learning English? How do we place our people among them? Do some individuals and families from our adopted people group live in our own home city? Might we begin ministering among them here?

  • What are the strengths of our church? What spiritual gifts do our people seem strong in? What areas of vocational expertise are prevalent among us? How has God led us as a church up to now? How might that experience come into play in reaching our unreached people group?

  • What are the threats to this mission? What might derail us? Among our adopted people (political realities, economic vulnerabilities, etc.)? Among us as a church... where might the enemy's attack most likely be directed?

  • What are the areas where our church will need help from others? Whom might we access for that help? What connections with the larger body of Christ do we already enjoy? Other churches? Organizations? Mission agencies? What kinds of partnerships are we going to need?




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