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Adoption Stages - Stage 4


This stage may be the most significant of all. It involves the identification, training, and release of personnel capable of implementing the strategic plan. One might assume here that we are talking exclusively about field personnel. Not at all. Training and equipping those who will be central to the initiative, but will remain at home, is also vitally important. Therefore, training becomes a critical component for those who go and for those back home.

Training is an on-going process that spans the life of the initiative and is strongly connected to the overall success. The fact that God loves to use "ordinary people" and that every believer can play a significant role in world evangelization must never give us permission to minimize thorough and effective training in every area.

Some of the Areas Where Training Is Needed:

  • Spiritual life formation
  • Equipping those back home to care for and empower those who go
  • Team life
  • Cross cultural ministry
  • Church planting




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