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Registry of Adoption


Since 1989, churches from all over the world have been registering their adoptions of unreached people groups with Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse. Our adoption registry tells us who you are as a church, what people group you have adopted, when you adopted, what plans you have within that people group, etc. It also then allows us to have the potential to network you with other churches who have also adopted the same people group. (See Networking)

Although churches originally may have picked one aspect of adoption (such as prayer, short-term trips to the people group, research, giving finances, or participating in church planting activities) and called just that aspect an "adoption," Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse now is raising the bar and encouraging churches to embrace ALL the different stages of adoption (See Adoption Stages) and not just pick and choose like one would do at a buffet. As a baby is adopted and his new parents long to see him through all the stages of childhood, teenage years, college, and beyond until his or her marriage (and even enjoying the grandparent stage! ), true adoption of unreached people groups is a life-long commitment from a church until a church planting movement has begun from within that people group.



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